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Nu este nimic special despre asta. One of the characteristics of moving averages is that price tend to bounce off them, especially the more popular ones and especially if there is a clear trend.

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It is dynamic because it is never fixed. It weaves up and down the chart, shadowing indicatorul ema forex price goes.

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But as price touches a commonly used moving average, there is that probability that price indicatorul ema forex bounce off it. The chart below shows a sample of price consistently bouncing off a popular moving average.

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This is a good example of how moving averages tend to act as dynamic supports. Cu toate acestea, you would also notice that in some cases, price would stall a bit prior to bouncing off.

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In some cases even, price would probe below the moving average for several candles. The market consists of a large number of trading participants.

Cu alte cuvinte, cei care indică puterea unui trend și cei care indică zonele de supracumpărare și supravânzare. Indicatorii de trend funcționează bine în piețele de trend, în timp ce oscilatorii funcționează bine pe piețele care variază într-un range și se pare că nu există nici o modalitate prin care poți identifica în ce tip de piață te afli înainte de a fi prea târziu pentru a acumula un profit semnificativ.

All of whom have a different take on the market. All of whom use different strategies, medii mobile, and setups. Din cauza asta, supports and resistances are never precise.


They could go over a support or resistance at times, or pierce moving averages for a few pips prior to bouncing off. To alleviate this problem, we bring in a second moving average. The function of this moving average is to mark the area in between our main moving average and this new moving average as an area of support and resistance.

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We could then say that price could bounce indicatorul ema forex the area in between the two moving averages, and we would only conclude that price has bounced off it if the candle closes outside this area going the direction of the trend. Concept Comerț Now that we have an understanding of what a Dynamic Area of Support and Resistance is, we faceți bani online farpost then go on to discuss the specific parameters of the moving averages that we would be using for this particular strategy.

Take note though that there are several combinations of moving averages that could make a DASR. Cu toate acestea, we will also be adding another moving average to serve as our trade direction filter. Vom fi folosind 50 EMA as our trade direction filter.

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Your chart should look somewhat like the one below.