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Professor Claes-Fredrik Claeson took a keen interest in the study. His advice and comments on the conduct and findings of the study were of great value. They both gave me' their wholehearted support throughout the study and were always there, ready to extend a helping hand.

I made extensive claims on their time and benefitted greatly from their counsel.

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Professor loan Aluas made my stay in Romania pleasant and highly profitable. He took a personal interest in the study and supported it in every conceivable way. I came to respect him for his integrity and for his affection for and profound knowledge of Romania.

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He taught me a lot and through him I acquired an understanding of Romanian rural life that I could not have. Dr Thomas Falk devoted much time and interest to the study and his comments on its structure and content substantially improved the final product.

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I benefitted from their support in many ways. The staff at the Romanian Embassy in Stockholm, in partic- ular Nicolae Anton and Teodor Atanasiu, took a geniun interest in the study and their unconditional support greatly facilita- ted my work.

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Difficulties in synchronizing editing rules put a considerable strain on them as large sections had to be retyped following new instructionse They carried out their arduous work wi th much patience, good humour and great skill. The author bears the full responsi- bili ty for any remaining inconsistencies.

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Siw Andersson and Anja Gonzales skillfully drew the maps and figures. Ingeborg Wenck assisted me in organizing the tables and the references.

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The Economic Research Institute at the Stockholm School of Economics accepted the financial risk of publishing the study. I am deeply indebted to the Romanian peasantry in gene- ral, and to the people of Oas in particular, for providing a fascinating object of study and for opening not only their doors, but also their hearts to me.

They generously gave me access to their culture, which greatly enriched me. They also gave life to impersonal data and a sense of meaning to the study.

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My greatest debt is to my wife loana, who not only gave me moral support throughout the study, but also devoted endless hours to the ungratifying task of processing data and computing many of the tables. She also orele de program forex stockholm svavagen many pertinent comments upon the content of the various drafts.

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She never flagged in her de- sire, to relieve me of all the drudgery she could take on her shoulders and the dedication of the study to her is but a small recompense for her assistance. My children, Christina and Cecilia, put up with me when I was absent-minded, but always did their best to distract me. They kept me from becoming too absorbed in the study, to my benef it, and, I believe, also to that of the study.

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My parents encouraged me throughout the study and gave me both moral and material support. To all of you 1 extend my sincere thanks. Wi thout your help this book would have remained a dream.